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 Love at first sound


Sonic identity

Music and sound can evoke emotion, trigger recall and create engagement towards a brand or product.  We help brands that want to speak in their authentic and unforgettable voice, discover their own sound. With the help of a unique process we discover how your brand or product should ring a bell, sound like music to everyone's ears or break a sound barrier.  






Rode Kruis Vlaanderen

Rode Kruis Vlaanderen wanted to reach a younger audience. The importance of knowing how to perform first aid was the intended goal of a series of 11 TV and online ads. Studio Helsinki created the intromusic, casted the perfect voice and tweaked the sound effects to perfection.


Client: Rode Kruis Vlaanderen
Agency: SBS - Woestijnvis
Animation: MatMatMat



Winner ad/pub 2018 Toronto 51 World Film Fest. Serviceplan wanted to tell this feel-good story without using words. Therefore the music and songlyrics played a very important part in creating this magical atmosphere of a girl dreaming big. We composed the entire song and wrote the lyrics. Intended as a direct mailling to ING clients, it eventually made it to cinema because the response was so positive.


Client: ING
Agency: Service Plan / Neverest
Prod. Co.: Bozon Content
Director: Guy Goossens